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<Terrorism War> al-Qaeda core 00 people, escape the Afghan

Ministry of Defense  fiscal Toshiban Defense ... Osama bin Laden's terrorist organization [al-Qaeda] 00 people recent months from the core members 0 people, to have escaped Afghanistan to secretly day, the US Newsweek magazine has reported. Magazine in the latest issue of the month date, citing the story of Pakistan smuggled mediation of skill in the art, called the [travel agency], via [al-Qaeda veteran warrior et al determined the final destination in the UK or Germany, the Central Asia, It was reported that] is heading to Ukraine. Smuggling mediation skilled in the art that a Pakistan border city Peshawar is [pay (in Afghanistan) Arab warriors found that 10 thousand to 10 thousand US dollars, escaped the Afghan] The magazine was reportedly talking to. The magazine is associated with this, from exceeding the Afghan border were told that it is very easy. The magazine cited the story of the local people and the State, such as the border was wide open road], I told the [Taliban soldiers also received the gold, and tolerate the act of traversing the border].

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